Usually applied as a finishing technique for metalwork, this project proposes “Transmute” which explores how a waste polyester powder from the powder coating industry can be used as a unique new material.

The ‘stove enameling’ or ‘powder coating’ process is familiar in the metal fabrication industry providing a durable, flawless, high gloss, colour finish for components that range from stair handrails, fencing to cabinets and toolboxes. The surplus of the polyester powder sprayed onto the metal in hot ovens, collects at vents in large quantities and a small company will typically pay £400 to have a 200litre drum of this waste material collected and sent to landfill. 

Many projects seek to reuse, upcycle or recycle waste materials, often involving complex collection, processing and redistribution system. Uniquely, this project focuses on the transformation of waste material within an existing processing plant, using existing facilities, and the ‘residue’ or ‘waste’ materials.